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About Me

I've been an avid knitter and seamstress for over 33 years and have been playing with fabric as long as I can remember. These past six years with the site have exceeded my expectations as I've sent bags all over the United States and beyond. Although I receive many requests to wholesale, I’ve decided against it, as each bag is made one at a time by me and not mass produced.

While on vacation in Maine as a little girl I vividly remember watching a woman knit. I watched her for a long time and was in awe at the  clicking of the needles and the swiftness of her hands as she fed the yarn through. That moment was life changing, and from then on I could be found with some sort of sewing needle, crochet hook, or knitting needle in my hands. Still today, my hands are rarely still.

I’m not looking to take the knitting world by storm (well...maybe just a little) but rather create a way of life that is fulfilling, and allows me to express my love of fabrics and color…while still giving me the time to visit the woods and rivers regularly. I pinch myself daily as I'm so fortunate to do what I love. I never tire of it...the fabrics, buttons, getting to be as creative as I want...and 'meeting' so many wonderful women all over the world.

Hats off to the knitters who came before us, as their passion, ingenuity and creativity brought what was born of necessity... to style, grace and art. May we continue to pass our own unique skills along to the generations to come.