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About My Work

This is what I love.

Each top quality piece is created by me, one at a time, here in my Vermont studio with the utmost care and attention to detail. What you won't find is a mass produced product that's available everywhere.  

Designs: All designs are my own. Years ago I discovered that patterns inhibit my creativity, which is just another way of saying my dyslexic mind has a hard time conforming to patterns.

Construction: All bags are sewn by me in my studio with attention to detail. The utmost care is put into each bag as my standards remain high. Both the exterior fabrics, linings and pockets are interfaced for additional stability and durability. To avoid the foldover at the top of each bag, I intricately hand stitch the handles to each bag, creating a lovely gather and a very finished look. By doing this, there are no exposed seams.

Handles: My handles are made locally, specifically for me. They're solid wood, usually Birch or Maple and are responsibility harvested here in Vermont. I brand each front handle with my branding iron that displays my GrMtnKnittingBags name.

Fabrics: All fabrics used are top of the line drapery, tapestry, and upholstery weights. On occasion, I'll use a vintage fabric, as I love many of the old designs. And when we're lucky.... barkcloth, a vintage fabric from the 1940's and 1950's known for it's nubby texture, vibrant colors and unique designs.

Buttons: I love vintage buttons. Their weight, color, and amazing style keeps me on a constant search for more. I find them anywhere I can. Many of the buttons date back to the 1920's, 30's and 40's; and are quite valuable. For me, they set my bags apart...often creating its personality. Sometimes when I'm ready to sew on the button...I'll search my button box, other times, the button is so spectacular...I build the bag around it. Antique shop owners see me coming, and know just what I'm after.

Pockets: All pockets run the entire width of the bag, are fully lined and reinforced. Pockets vary by style and can include a 'perfect size pattern pocket', an iPod pocket, and the standard pocket which can house a working ball of yarn and/or your accessories.