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Hybrid large, an all time great fabric!


I had this a few years back and am thrilled to have found another piece. Upholstery fabric, thick... muted black background and design shades in olive, gold, pumpkin, red/orange bright blue and pale blue. Lining is a lighter weight upholstery fabric in coordinating little squares with dots in the center, striking together! Four 5.25" wide and 6.5" deep interior pockets are fully lined in a solid patterned black. Magnetic closure with a decorative vintage button, black and the deepest blue. Opens wide, great sit, really roomy base & lots of tight gather to the handles. Vermont Cherry handles, just gorgeous.

Bag measures 24.5" from side seam to side seam, has a 6.25" base pleat and is 12" tall.

Additional pictures of this bag may be seen on the Facebook page!

Shipping fees for bags sent out of the US will be adjusted accordingly.

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