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Medium Bag... Oak handles!


One of the greats and I'm almost out! Stunning upholstery fabric in a gorgeous shade of blue with red flowers and yellow greens... plum too. Lining is a coordinating heavy drapery weigh cotton in green with polka dots! No pockets in this one... Magnetic closure with a decorative vintage green button.. I couldn't resist this big button! Nice wide opening, roomy base and nice height. I'm thrilled with this size bag... it'll hold more than you think!
Medium repurposed Oak handles made by my husband xo

Bag measures 20.5" from side seam to side seam, has a 5.25" base pleat and is 12" tall not including the handles which measure 9.5" X 3.75".

Additional pictures of this bag may be seen on the Facebook page.

Shipping fees for bags sent out of the US will be adjusted accordingly.

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