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Walking Bag .... turtles!


I love to walk and I love to knit so here's a sweet and simple bag to toss over your arm or shoulder to knit while you step on out. This afternoon I didn't want to put my knitting down but the day was just so gorgeous, so I made the prototype for me, tested it out this afternoon and loved it! This bag would also be great for vacation as it packs light. It will always be made from either drapery weight or lighter weight upholstery fabrics as when one walks, excess weight isn't necessary. No closure, button or pockets. One firm strap.... toss in your knitting and you're off!

Heavy drapery weight fabric in a linen and cotton blend in a deep yet bright true red. A beautiful weight/texture and very durable. Turtles make up this fun bag done in shades of blues, greens, rose, and cantaloupe. Lining is a lighter weight upholstery fabric in a cheery yellow and red plaid/check. Other than the outer tag, this bag is completely reversible.

Bag measures 13.5" from side seam to side seam, has a 4.25" base pleat and is 11.5" tall. Total length of the strap is 25".

Additional pictures of this bag may be seen on the Facebook page.
Shipping fees for bags sent out of the US will be adjusted accordingly.

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